Writing + Editorial

Blog Management

Keeping up a consistent blog is not only a great way to provide value to your audience but also helps bump up your SEO rankings. A content plan is always a part of what I do so it just depends on how often you want it written for you.

Email Newsletters
Email Newsletters

Newsletters provide a place for more business specific content and so can be a really good sales tool. If you want to grow your audience this way, then I work on the copy, content plan and template design, you just choose how frequently you want to send them.

Brand Tone

Knowing how you want to be heard as well as seen is an important part of building your brand. I'll take you through some ways to develop your voice and get clear on your tone, with all our notes in one place afterwards.


Copy for web is different to the copy for blogs and again for social or press releases. Let me help tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience to turn them into raving fans.


Do you have copy ready that needs a bit of love? Looking over the same piece of writing over and over can be numbing. I can help refine it and work with you to make sure it shares your message effectively.

Something else?

If you can't find what you're looking for or want a combination, I'm flexible so just drop me a line!

Unfold Change
Unfold Change