We all know or are aware of the huge refugee crisis happening right now so you don’t need me to tell you about it again. It’s horrific and needs to stop and hopefully you feel the same? Thankfully there’s also lots of people that want to help in whatever way possible, not just the big charities. I found this particular organisation on Facebook by chance — doesn’t happen often!

Leveraging the power of Popups, the time of year and location, Help Refugees UK have just opened their (temporary) doors to the public. Instead of trawling through well-designed shirts and artisanal candles, you can choose to buy various aid items such as meal ingredients or a child’s coat.

‘Choose Love’ is the first of it’s kind to bring this mainstream into the retail arena by offering real items that refugees would need at various stages in their journey. Everything is simply laid out and clearly labelled with a price attached to the item itself. The friendly team are on hand to help, advise and give you more info.

Help Refugees UK London popup

Three simple steps to shop with heart

Help Refugees UK London popup

Clear statistics to show how resources help

Alongside the items of aid, you can purchase a ‘Choose Love’ sweatshirt to take away with you if you still want a piece of something and show your support.

The season of giving is upon us so why not give to those who really need help to get them through what could be, a fatal journey. Conveniently located in Soho, it’s in prime position for the Christmas hoards (and you maybe?). You might not leave with a thing, but at least you leave with a warm fuzzy feeling that no other retail therapy can bring!

They opened on Black Friday (24th November) until Christmas Eve (24th December) at 18 Broadwick Street, Soho, London W1F 8HS.

They continue to sell online so you can still support!

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Help Refugees UK London Popup

Some of the items on sale

Help Refugees UK London Popup

Sweatshirts for sale